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Clan Maclean of Duart coat of arms

MacLean Tartan - Duart Red Ancient Tartan - Clan MacLean Motto: Virtue mine honour - "Virtue is my distinction"

CAMPBELL-FAMILY-CREST CHIEF COAT-OF-ARMS Campbell, one of the most eminent and influential highland clans in the history of Scotland, draws its origins in the mists of antiquity, being prominent even in the earliest Scottish kingdom, Dalriada. The Clan is also known as Clan Diarmid, after the Ossianic hero from whom the Clan is descended.

Duart Castle, on the island of Mull, Scotland

Scotland Coat of Arms

counties of ireland | Irish County Crests / Ireland County Coats of Arms. Cool, have to look mine up.

Scotland Clans History | Clan Map of Scotland

Lovely design of the rampant lion of Scotland & the Scottish thistle (national flower of Scotland).

Some little known facts about Scottish Clans

SHAW Clan Coat of Arms

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MacLaine of Lochbuie Coat of Arms


Stewart Coat of Arms Stewart Family Crest Instant Download

scottish clans. I am Scottish from my dads side of the family. We have our own crest and tartan!

Mclean Coat of Arms / Mclean Family Crest The family at one time held extensive lands in the Western Isles and mainland, and were descended from Gilleathain na Tuaidh, Gillian of the Battleaxe in the 13th century. Two brothers, his descendants, were Lachlan Lubanach, progenitor of the MacLeans of Duart and Eachan Reaganach, progenitor of the MacLaines of Lochbuie. They were supporters of the MacDougalls of Lorn, but later transferred their allegiance to the MacDonalds

MACKENZIE Clan Coat of Arms

MacLean History

Castlt Tioram, Seat of the Clan MacDonald of Clan Ranald - Loch Moidart, Scotland

Clans of Scotland - I descend from MacLean

Elliott Clan Coat of Arms