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CAMPBELL-FAMILY-CREST CHIEF COAT-OF-ARMS Campbell, one of the most eminent and influential highland clans in the history of Scotland, draws its origins in the mists of antiquity, being prominent even in the earliest Scottish kingdom, Dalriada. The Clan is also known as Clan Diarmid, after the Ossianic hero from whom the Clan is descended.

Lovely design of the rampant lion of Scotland & the Scottish thistle (national flower of Scotland).

"The Borders family Bell was well establish 1153. engaged in Border warfare as a riding clan of reivers, and became turbulent in the 15th-16th centuries. The Crown’s desire to pacify the Borders led in 1517 to Clan Bell receiving royal letters to keep the peace." There are others of this name who are of Highland origin, and Bell is part Sept of Douglases." Short version: We were reivers, riders, stealers, brawlers and resisted the English Throne on Scottish soil

Map of Scottish Clans under Robert the Bruce, 1314...where's Wallace? (my last name, also a Scottish clan)