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    Gamzee Makara Inspired look + tutorial by on deviantART

    heinousstuck Dave

    ladybrot: DONE! :D Pixel trolls before bed

    Have I ever told you that my headcanon Eridan has biluminescent freckles? Yep. This is what I'm talking about.

    ... I'm not quite sure how I feel about this picture but.... :0) (Mm, girl, do not mess with the Homestuck is the lesson here!)

    The fandom that will never die.

    Gamzee Makara by on deviantART

    Tavros Nitram by on deviantART

    Gamzee cosplay creepy but I love it!


    dave selfies. Hes such a dork

    Queen cosplayers

    Damara cosplayer

    Damara and....?

    Roxy cosplayer

    Rose derse cosplayer


    Davesprite cosplayer

    Aradia cosplayer

    Gamzee and Kanaya


    Homestuck - Jade by Rika-Wawa

    John, Jack, and Grimdark Rose