All the kids make clay boats and the last one floating wins a prize.

Second Grade Physical Science Activities: Float My Clay Boat

will it float. making boats out of clay to see which model boat floats the best

Clay boats and floating experiment

Sink or float with a twist - combining an object that sinks with one that floats to see what happens

nature in clay

Can you build a boat that will float and hold weight? GREAT STEM activity!

Clay Castles by maureencrosbie (",)

Clay coffee spoons

Types of Rocks Foldable - a great foldable for the 3 main types of rock: igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic.


Clay Boats Complete Lesson from Jasmine V on - (6 pages) - Clay Boats Lesson

Sink or Float: A Science Experiment - good for introducing hypotheses

clay ideas

water displacement activity - a fun and easy science experiment for kids - happy hooligans

clay hands

A fun and simple sink or float experiment with lemons. So easy to do - nothing more than a lemon and a glass of water and you have everything you need!

What is Clay?

Clay Llamas

The Science Penguin: Float Your Boat! {A Buoyancy and Density Lab}

clay frames for works of art - great idea! Leads to a great blog on clay :)