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Because homelessness is such a huge social issue many cities are making park benches that turn into shelters. Rather than just ignoring the issue of the homelessness, some people are trying to make small efforts to help.

How the world’s population will change in the near future.

I’m happy to have no regrets. I have loved watching the sun come up over my beautiful island home of Mauritius, and even though I am about to die, I’m lucky to have survived longer than any other of my kind. People say that as a bird we are very stupid and fat and that we can’t even fly, in fact they say we’re only good for eating. Is there nothing people won’t eat? Even though I’ll shortly be served up on a platter, I have satisfaction in knowing I will be the last meal of my kind.

When parents are poor, stressful and even abusive, eventually the child will learn from the adult and be more like the parents. And since this is the only thing the child sees, the child believes its the right thing to do. Bullying is known as a behavior, it is something people learn.

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