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  • Nina

    Edinburgh, Scotland. While my friends went to Sensation White in Barcelona, I went to Edinburgh to meet up with my father who was there on business. After touring Edinburgh castle and discovering that our ancestors do not have a tartan, I met up with a friend from high school. One of my favorite cities.

  • TL McRae

    Old Town, Edinburgh, Scotland photo via home-biba Great City to visit in Scotland.

  • Jamie Kay

    Old Town, Edinburgh, Scotland: REAL LIFE DIAGON ALLEY

  • Liz Bennett

    Old Town, Edinburgh, Scotland. dream place <3

  • Adrienne Haynes

    Old Town, Edinburgh, Scotland. I know, I know, Scotland and England are 2 completely states on the same island, it's just that I had no place to put it and Edinburgh is were Dr. Joseph Bell (the original Sherlock Holmes) was.

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Alone in snow. As much as I dislike winter, the snow can be very beautiful. But terrible to drive in!

The Writers Museum, just off the Royal Mile, Edinburgh.

Scotland . . . you would totally find Sherlock Holmes here, right? (yes, I know it's not a Scottish character)

Sherlock Holmes - Edinburgh // THIS GUY HAS THE SAME NAME AS THE GUY I HATE. Therefore I hate him too. And I hate his statue.

Edinburgh, Scotland. Charming city. Had tea with Rachel when she took the train from London to meet me.

Balmoral Hotel clock tower ~ Edinburgh, Scotland

Edinborough Castle through the snow, by M J Turner Photography

Edinburgh Castle, Edinburgh, Scotland.

This looks just like the rolling hills of Exmoor, North Devon. A little place called Simonsbath is a great place for a family picnic or for a dog walk. Britain at it's finest... #WhoNeedsAbroad #Devon #Exmoor