Yeah... Sam please don't think to much about us.. I want to save you from me.. I hurt you once.. Let go forget what happened.. You're not going to lose me stop thinking that the only way you'll lose me is if I lose you first...

! I LOVE GOD WITH ALL MY HEART AND SOUL. FOR YOU NON-BELIEVERS, THERE IS A QUOTE BY AN ANONYMOUS AUTHOR THAT GOES LIKE THIS: "If there wasn't a GOD, it would be necessary to invent one." We all need something or someone to believe in! Amen!

NO matter the (he) is always worth it...every tear, every ounce of heartache,and everyday I have to go on without him...he changed me for the better and I wouldn't trade one day I was blessed to have him here with me! Mommy misses you sooo much*Grayson Carter 1~12~12*!!!

You are wonderful, beautiful and special...never forget that. No matter what anyone has said or done, no matter what anyone will ever say or do. You are wonderful, beautiful and special and someone will always love you.

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