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    Entertaining activities for the little ones don't have to be complicated! We love this baby oil + water DIY toy--it will entertain for hours to come!

    Is your preschooler learning his or her letters? This FREE Printable Word Beginnings Sheet is a fun and playful way to learn!

    Get your crayons ready: it's coloring page time! Print out these free printable alphabet coloring pages for your little one!

    Amp up the 'ole cup and string and try making a telephone out of tubing and funnels instead! This is a simple DIY engineering project for kids that helps them explore their sense of sound while having a great time.

    Alphabet ping-pong drop is a great way to get your preschoolers to learn their ABCs! This interactive, fun activity is easy to set up and a total blast for the little ones to play.

    This silly book teaches the ABCs! Practice the alphabet with your preschooler and Yo Gabba Gabba! Check out “We Love Letters.”

    You don't need a treasure map for this one: just a well-placed treasure chest filled with playdough and hidden gems! This precious activity a great way to build up those fine motor skills or entertain the kiddies during party time.

    Making a hurricane in a jar is not only easy--it's a great way to get your little one excited about learning through science! All it takes is two ingredients for this fun activity, so get ready to cook up a storm!

    Don't bottle up your kid's learning--practice skip counting by 10's using bottle caps and beads! This is an easy activity to set up for some mathematical fun.

    Summer is here and the kiddies will love coloring with these fun printable summer activity sheets!

    Color us happy! These free printable Animals Number Coloring Pages are perfect for your preschooler!

    Turn bath time into an awesome colored activity! Use spray bottles, water, and food coloring to "paint" the water and make a colorful splash with your little ones. Perfectly safe and fun!

    Find the fun in your child's birthday with these free Birthday Scavenger Hunt printables! Your little one will love running around to find their present on his or her special day.

    Make it shine with glittered slime! This DIY tutorial will produce a new plaything with which your children will be totally fascinated!

    Looking for a quiet activity that will keep your child engaged? This felt button chain is perfect for keeping little hands busy!

    This could be a fun way to learn about numbers and the value of money. Free printable play money for your kids to use around the house or during playtime!

    Help your preschooler learn words by making letters in playdough--sensory learning can be lots of fun!

    Your preschoolers will love to rhyme: and rhyme they will, all the time! Use this free printable and play the Rhyming Board Game with your little ones to practice their verbal skills.

    It's mix and match time with these printable puzzles! 6 adorable characters and 216 different combinations to make--it's the perfect way to keep your little one entertained!

    This fun pool noodle engineering wall will inspire your little engineers to be creative! Use pool noodles to make a wall full of possibility that will last for months and months to come.

    This is a hoppin' cute idea! Use these free printables to play a game of Finger Hopscotch with your preschoolers: it's a great game for them to practice fine motor and early math skills!

    This shaving cream play dough is super easy to make on your own! The texture is silky smooth and it only needs two ingredients, so you'll be playing in no time.

    Bring the fun of the ocean right into your bathtub! Your kids will love fishing with magnets for all sorts of cool ocean creatures--what a great surprise for your next family game night!

    For an easy way to keep your little one calm and smiling, try making this DIY Calming Find It Game! It's a great way to hone focus and have a bit of fun along the way.

    It's never too late to start capturing memories about your little ones' childhoods! We love these free printable Q&A's that your children can answer once a year--prepare to be astounded at how much their answers change from year to year!