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Purple Coneflower or Echinacea, Butterflies love this one

Echinacea, a Grand Garden Flower and Butterfly Magnet

Echinacea aka Coneflower - a butterfly magnet

Rhododendron Festival in North Carolina

Rhododendron 10k – June 16, 2012 – Bakersville, NC

Rhododendron is a genus of over 1000 species of woody plants in the heath family, either evergreen or deciduous. Most species have showy flowers. Azaleas make up two subgenera of Rhododendron.

11 Hydrangea Varieties To Add To Your Landscape -->

11 Hydrangea Varieties To Add To Your Landscape

Narrow planting strips don't have to be a dilemma.  They soften those too hot, too hard landscape issues.

Tips and Tricks to Narrow Planting Strips

Narrow planting strips don't have to be a dilemma. They soften those too hot, too hard landscape issues.

Not every plant is a big drinker; some can get along with only a few sips. Here are 5 drought-resistant plants that won’t break your water budget.

5 Plants You (Almost) Never Have to Water

5 Plants You Almost Never Have to Water! Every plant needs water. But drought-resistant varieties need only dainty sips once they’re established,.

easy landscaping ideas for beginners | 2014 Top Flower Garden Ideas Designs & Pictures

Flower Garden Bed Designs Ideas Layouts and Pictures

plants that repel fleas and which ones are toxic to pets

Plants that naturally repel fleas and ticks: Check for list!

ground cover flowers

ground cover flowers


100 Bell flower seeds,multicolor , (Campanula percisifolia) best plants for cottage gardens tough perennial great for cutting

House Revivals: How to Landscape Your Yard for Free

Let's face it. Landscaping can be really expensive. On recent visit to my daughter's new home in Alabama we went shopping for trees or shr.

cottage garden secret garden -

love the stone pathway lined with flowers and plants.good for backyard by building.

How to start a cutting garden: Follow these 5 easy steps to grow enough flowers to fill your house with blooms. #garden

How to start a cutting garden

How to start a cutting garden - tips & variety suggestions based on region

Eggshells in Your Garden ~ Next time you cook with eggs save the shells. You can crush them and use them to nourish and protect your plants. The calcium helps tomato plants grow and the shells keep bugs and slugs off of plants.

Eggshells in the Garden

23 Gardening Tricks That Will Make Your Garden the Envy of Your Neighborhood - OMG Facts - The World's Fact Source

Formal pond with lion's head shooting water. Walls are seat walls to sit and enjoy the water.

English Garden Design in New Jersey

English garden design with a formal pond and lion's head fountain. Wall around pond is a seat wall too.

Blueberry Cottage! Hours, days, weeks & months for years we picked blueberries - and had a good time doing it!

How To Grow Blueberries - Flowers And Gardens