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by Hsiao Ron Cheng (b1986, Taiwan), digital artist/illustrator

Taipei-based illustrator 鄭曉嶸, Hsiao-Ron Cheng 's creative practice is influenced by Surrealism and the illustrator uses a muted palette to create imagery.

I love the collaging of different textures and colors, but still being based on geometry and playing with light and shadows in a sense.:

albert ruiz villar (The Jealous Curator)


Remember the days I was obsessed about creating hybrid creatures? They are being used on Women’s Lightweight top and bottom. Looks super comfy!

Hsiao-Ron Cheng 2015年12月25日 ·     Happy Christmas everyone! Illustrations I did…

Hsiao-Ron Cheng · Happy Christmas everyone!

그림과 글이 있는 블로그 :: 신선미 작가의 신선한 그림

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그림과 글이 있는 블로그 :: 신선미 작가의 신선한 그림