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"Why I had a secret wedding" - Di'ja _ Sierra Leonian-Nigerian singer Afro Dija has revealed the reason for all the secrecy surrounding her marriage and childbirth in a chat with LIB. _ When asked why she didn't post her husband's photos on social media she said: _ Even before we got married he is a very private person and i actually believe in respecting peoples zones until they are ready. Its not like we dont. So because a lot of things dont happen right now-people are like why are you…

Not that he left you for me, but you cried and cried when you found out he moved on and here we are, he still is with me and didn't come back

everyone's over here like hey im getting married and having babies and im like hey who wants to get drunk and travel the world with me

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When I get married I want a picture EXACTLY like this with me and my husband. It'll be the picture you see when you come to the wedding.