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Wounded Canadians in France enjoy some time in the sun while a nurse reads them a newspaper. More than 2,500 nurses served in multiple theatres of war with the Canadian Army Medical Corps.

A photographer captured the physical differences amongst those who formed the Canadian Expeditionary Force. Boys under the age of 18 were allowed to serve in the Canadian Expeditionary Force if they had their parent's permission. Those that did not often lied about their age to enlist in the army.

Canadians of the 1st Division arrive in Germany. Although the high command worried about German attacks, there was no armed uprising. These Canadian soldiers reflect the relative safety of their position, as they sit around, smoking, and settle in for a lunch of canned meat.

This painting by British artist Sir William Nicholson depicts five Canadian generals and one major of the First World War standing unposed in front of a mural of the bombed Ypres Cathedral and Cloth Hall. This unfinished painting originally commissioned by Lord Beaverbrook was quickly forgotten, only to be rediscovered in the vaults of the Canadian War Museum and later hailed as Nicholson's finest work.

Members of the Siberian Expeditionary Force unload supplies. Four thousand Canadian soldiers served in Siberia. Ottawa agreed to participate in the mission in part out of loyalty to Britain and in part out of fear of Bolshevik Russia.

Artist Douglas Culham served in the 3rd Canadian Division Ammunition Column, which brought ammunition nightly to the 18-pounder batteries during the Battle of Passchendaele in October and November, 1917.