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Quinn pulled a silver chain out of his pocket, and on it hung a silver winged butterfly, as lovely as a crystal. I gasped. "It's so beautiful..." He came behind me and clasped it around my neck. It was cold to the touch and gave me a chill. But it was a good chill. "For us to remember her by." - Flutterbye

Topiary centrepieces featuring crystal daisies in hot pink, light pink and lime green with white butterflies

Swarovski Celebrations Rosaline Butterfly $140.00 2.6" x 2.1" Item #1182461 As beautiful, graceful, and colorful as butterflies in nature, this elegant decoration piece makes a great gift for Mother's Day or any special occasion. Shines delicately in Violet crystal.

16 Breath-Taking Butterfly Nail Designs 16 Breath-Taking Butterfly Nail Designs - Light Pink Butterfly Nail Design #nails #NailDesigns #NailArt