Slinky re-purposed! Peanuts or pecans for birds/squirrels; what fun watching the activity of trying to remove a piece!

Fruit holder for the birds..... grab some wire and start twisting!

Feeding the birds - this is cute!

Nesting Materials, Bird Houses, Bird Baths etc. - This site has lots of bird accessories and ideas!

Recycle those old bubble gum machines into bird feeders!

23 DIY Birdfeeders That Will Fill Your Garden With Birds. From

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Ladybug feeder- use raisins to attract ladybugs

Stacked Stone Bird Baths from trash can lids

Bird feeder

Tips to Attract Birds - How to layout your garden plan to attract birds to it. from 'Better Homes and Gardens' Magazine

This site has some great ideas for DIY Rustic Bird Feeders/Houses!

bird feeder

DIY bird feeder

Leftover yarn is for the birds! This is a nice idea...we also don't pick up a few of the fluffy downy feathers from our geese~just so the small birds can use them for their's fun to watch the birds swoop down and snatch a feather as it is drifting on the air...

Repurpose Lamp into bird feeder

Bring birds to your garden with fun, up-cycled, DIY bird houses, feeders, and baths.

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How to Make a Bird Feeder - DIY Bird Feeders - Good Housekeeping

DIY Recycle: Coffee Can bird feeder | A Gardener's Notebook