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Another great comic by Loading Artist. It reminds me a little of some of the scenes in The Walking Dead season 3 where zombies were wearing full protective gear, even though we’re only talking about ear muffs here.

hehehe... need to show this to my English teacher.

This took an unexpected, non-asdf turn 😂 asdf: I baked you a pie Oh boy what flavor Pie flavor *insert smol pie jumping for mama pie*

25+ Hilarious Comics By Loading Artist That Will Make Your Day

25+ Hilarious Comics By Loading Artist That Will Make Your Day

Halloween Banana by Loading Artist. OMG I didnt even notice Jes coming out of the pumpkin until I read it again XD-- Cannibananalism

Japan doing strange Fruits since ... ever XD

Meanwhile in Japan. I'd like if the oranges wasn't always round.

I’de like a double cheeseburger, a small fry…

I can't tell people how many times this has happened to me<<<You plan everything out perfectly in your head, then the cashier has to go and mess up he script you so statically put together in your head

Long Live This King

What is the meaning of this? (Long Live This King by Gregor Czaykowski) -- fun for intro to demonstrative pronouns and adjectives :)

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