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You can't go past a classic shepherd's pie for a satisfying Sunday lunch. This week's winner of the food fight is particularly popular!

Classic shepherd's pie

Sheppard's Pie- Bf's favourite dish, so I tried this recipe (with a bit of corn added and a tiny biy of cheddar chesse grated on top of the potato) and it was a hit!

Quinoa con Banano y Maple

Microwave Cinnamon Maple Breakfast Quinoa--I made this for breakfast this morning and it was so tasty! And quinoa is a perfect protein because its versatile and filling!

Aprende a hacer un clásico patacón zuliano.

16 Deliciosas recetas con plátano que harán de tu vida algo mejor

The cuisine of Zulia, in Venezuela, is full of marvels, and their patacones are unequaled. You can fill the crispy plantain pieces with beef, chicken or even shredded turkey — the important thing is that you're happy. Get a detailed recipe here.

Shepherds Pie Casserole

Moms Shepherd’s Pie

Cook ground beef and onions and mashed potatoes. Stir in c green beans & 1 can tomato soup to the meat. Put meat mixture in casserole dish and place mounds of mashed potato on top. Sprinkle cheese over potatoes.

1 1/2lbs lean ground beef     1 onion, chopped     1/3 cup chopped carrots     1/2 cup corn     1/3 cup peas     1 1/2lbs to 2lbs potatoes.     8 tablespoons butter     1/2 cup beef broth     2 teaspoons Worcestershire sauce     2 sprigs fresh thyme     1 teaspoon dried rosemary     2 teaspoons cornstarch     1 clove garlic, minced     1/2 cup shredded cheddar cheese

Easy Shepherd’s Pie Shepherd’s Pie is originally an English dish, traditionally made with lamb or mutton. Americans typically make Shepherd’s Pie with beef, I think mostly because we are much more of a beef-eating culture than

5 Ingredient Tamale Pie

Tamale Pie

Not only is this 5 Ingredient Tamale Pie simple and delicious, it can also be customized to your liking so that even your picky eaters will be satisfied!

A delicious and Mouthwatering Beef Taco Skillet Casserole Recipe - Cooking this in a skillet is great for summer because you don't have to heat up the house to get a great-tasting meal!

Beef Taco Skillet Casserole - Add this comfort food to your favorite casserole recipes! Beef tacos recipes are easy to make with a rustic presentation. Casserole dinners are easy to busy week nights or relaxing weekends!

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