Hungry Happenings: animal themed food

Butterfly Snack Bags

Spring cupcakes

Fruit Butterfly

Pineapple Tree Display with Fruit Monkeys...over the top but cute nonetheless

More Fun Food To Brighten Your Day!

Turn an ordinary round cake into a butterfly cake. If you wish to make a body for the butterfly, the body of the butterfly can be composed of separate cake, pastry or candy pieces such as the candy cane being used in the picture.

fruit & veggie table

Kids Butterfly Party Food Ideas


Rainbow Fruits

Fruit cars

Beach ball fruit pizza - Click to See >>>

Might be one way to get the kids to eat right..

Rainbow fruit

Kitchen Fun With My 3 Sons: Hoot Hoot...Eat Some Fruit!

Colorful Caterpillar Cupcakes!! Another Very Hungry Caterpillar idea.



Apple butterfly!!!

butterfly-shaped snacks for kids