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Hippo Hooray for Second Grade!: Pandora in the Classroom

This would be easy to do in the gym for a wall painting


Check out this life-sized Character Cloud mural.

know your students strategies

This woman explains every organization system she has in her room- lots of great ideas!

How smart is this lady!! Have a folder for each standard and then put activities, notes, and games into each folder! like i have this kind of time #daretodream

On Twitter, I recently shared an excellent article by Justin Tarte called 5 Questions Every Teacher Should Ask Him/Herself. The first reflection question Justin recommends is: Who is doing a majority of the talking in your classroom? It’s the person who is doing the majority of the talking that tends to do the most learning, so what …

Some good ideas

Designate one student as the “Ask Me” student who can answer the questions of other students while you’re busy assisting others.

No Homework Binder--Each student has a blank page in the binder. The student must write the date, assignment, and reason for not having it on their page for each forgotten assignment. Keeps track of # missing and reasons. Great management tool!

60 Amazing Apps for STEAM #weareteachers

How to Teach Students Note Taking Skills - VERY GOOD! Love her ideas on how to teach this skill. Our older kids take notes in church and it has helped their note taking skills tremendously!

I love this timer and it's only $11.00 at

My 2nd graders made these adorable "selfies" for their parents to see at conferences. Needless to say, they were a hit!

27 things for teachers. What great ideas.... My daughter has tried French lessons via Skype

A great idea for silent reading time: Turn all lights on, then turn one off every five minutes to give students have a visual cue of how much time they have left to read.


Blooms + verbs.

Use a Lowe’s toolbox to keep supplies in order on your desk. | 29 Clever Organization Hacks For Elementary School Teachers

Inexpensive ideas for using IKEA products in the classroom. Time to go shopping!

I like this assessment technique. "Ticket out the door" for recess or the end of the day is to write the answer to a problem/question on a sticky and put it on their number. Helps get an idea of who understood and who didn't. :)

EVERY TEACHER NEEDS TO PIN---The Middle School Mouth: interactive notebooks- Don't let the title fool you, many great ideas for all levels....

Classroom library area: these are for the students to be able to read with during reading time

Outside of Mrs. Reed's kindergarten classroom at Orchard Lake Elementary (Lakeville, MN).