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These are Clear Quartz Crystals,which you cleanse with water,natural water from a natural water source is best but you can also smudge with sage,then you must charge them by setting them in the moonlight or sunlight,then program them with your healing intention in order to use them.

Crystal Cleansing & Charging...How to Cleanse Crystals and Stones: There are quite a few methods for clearing gemstones, many of which simultaneously charge them – so let’s just get to the good stuff and explore several relatively easy ways to cleanse crystals and recharge them for maximum efficacy.

Why and How to Cleanse your Crystals and Gemstones - Pinny sez: I can't vouch for all of these, but some are good. Best is water bath, then sunlight to charge, or leave for a day or so on a citrine cluster (not amethyst). Burying in earth for a day or so is good, too.

How To Attract Wealth with Citrine

How to Attract Wealth with Citrine: Citrine radiates a joyful sun-lit energy, so it is naturally associated with the third chakra. In feng shui, citrine is considered to attract wealth and abundance, so you can find many wealth feng shui cures or jewellery with citrine crystals.

Chakra Healing Stones used in the practice of Reiki healing.