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BERKSHIRE PIG Berkshires are also bred in Japan where their meat is known as Kurobuta. Not so long ago, the authorities in Japan were surprised to discover that there was more of the prized Berkshire pork in Japanese shops than there were Berkshire pigs to supply them. DNA testing was introduced to discover which was the fraudulent pork and which was genuine Berkshire pork.

Berkshire pigs are a heritage breed that originates from the English county of Berkshire. We chose to raise them on our farm for several reasons: they are friendly, good mothers, very hardy, well suited for pasture and, most importantly, they taste exceptionally good. Berkshire pork has been prized in Japan, where it is known as Kurobuta, for over 300 years for its excellent marbling characteristics that translate to a tender, juicy and flavourful meat.

Natural Worming for Pigs: diatamaceous earth, garlic and rosemary. We mix diatamaceous earth into their feed bag so the pigs get the advantage of a continuous natural dewormer or 2 tablespoons to food a day for a large pig. Then once a month add 2 tablespoons of minced garlic to their feed once a day for seven days. Mince garlic. Can add some rosemary too.

Berkshire pigs are an excellent choice for farmers who want to raise heritage livestock with a taste consumers appreciate.

How to Breed Pigs Economically

Farrowing sows three times per year can give a homesteader a good profit margin without resorting to intensive methods of hog production, according to this reader. Originally published as

Country Style magazine. At his property nestled in the foothills of the Barossa Ranges in South Australia, Michael Wohlstadt of Barossa Heritage Pork raises rare-breed Berkshire and Tamworth pigs, fed with milk from his herd of Jersey cows. Photography Sharyn Cairns ‪#‎countrystylemag‬ #pig #farmanimal