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Crooked Forest-- In a tiny corner of western Poland a forest of about 400 pine trees grow with a 90 degree bend at the base of their trunks - all bent northward. Surrounded by a larger forest of straight growing pine trees this collection of curved trees, or "Crooked Forest," is a mystery.

Crimson Forest, Poland

Watkins glen, NY. I will make it here one day :)

Fern Forest, Jamaica

Island of Molokini - natural star + crescent moon (between Maui and Kahoolawe, Hawaii).

The world’s scariest forests - Hoia Baciu, Transylvania, Romania - trees grow in odd shapes, and there is a circle deep within where nothing grows, and apparitions are seen. People have been known to disappear, strange lights have been seen, and the wind seems to speak. There is always a feeling of being watched....


Waterfall castle in Poland ~ Most Unbelievable Places that really Exist

Night forest breezes - the theme behind Aesthetic Content's Midnight Brezza Luxury Scented Candle

It's like dream.. beautiful dream.. lovely :)

35 Texas Secrets To Having The Best Summer Ever... Awesome shot of Jacob's Well!

Castle ruins, poland

1000 Year Old Yew Tree, West Wales

Swimming with the Manatees, Florida

Travel Information - To Sua Ocean Trench ( Giant Swimming Hole )

Nautilus Undersea Suite at The Poseidon Resort, Fiji.

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In the resort town of Skagen you can watch an amazing natural phenomenon. This city is the northernmost point of Denmark, where the Baltic and North Seas meet. The two opposing tides in this place can not merge because they have different densities.