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1band1brand.com Week 53 Feature:  Arkells / Hudson

Having just won Group of the Year at the 2012 Juno Awards and New Group of the Year in Hamilton, Ontario-based indie rockers Arkells plan to spend their spring and summer touring around North America in support for their sophomore album Michigan Left.

Arkells Band Sky

Arkells Band Sky

Mumford & Sons... well, they are all beautiful and could sing to me all the time.

For Sale a Mumford and Sons Poster Collection Mumford and Sons Poster Sigh No MorMumford and Sons Poster Babel Mumford and Sons Poster Babel Promo Flyer to advertise a Mumford and Sons Concert a…

5440  http://www.festivalplace.ab.ca/festivalplace/boxoffice/images/shows/5440-335px.jpg

5440 http://www.festivalplace.ab.ca/festivalplace/boxoffice/images/shows/5440-335px.jpg

Kings of Leon, I CANNOT WAIT TO SEE THEM IN APRIL AGAIN!!!!! I'm gonna cry like a baby!!

Kings of Leon: Can Rock's New Underdogs Battle Back?

Florence welch... If i could fall in love with a voice, it would DEFINITELY be hers. Amazing. <3

Florence Welch: An insider's guide to the offbeat darling of British music

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Which Pop-Punk Band Do You Actually Belong In?

Seeing these boys tonight!

So excited to see these thugs again in November.

The Arkells

On Paper: music by Canadian band Arkells

The Arkells

Daniel Wesley band ft. Kim Churchill

Daniel Wesley band ft. Kim Churchill