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#Pagerwesi in Bali, #BaliTowel loves this day !

Galungan,Kuningan,pagerwesi sacred days in Island of Gods Bali

Happy Galungan Bali! Galungan is a Balinese holiday celebrating the victory of good (dharma) over evil (adharma). It marks the time when the ancestral spirits visit the Earth.

#Pagerwesi in Bali, #BaliTowel loves this day !

Balinese Hindus today (02/12/15) are celebrating Pagerwesi Ceremony. Pagerwesi Ceremony is one of the major ceremony for Bali’s Hindus which is celebrated on Wednesday every 210 days. The word “Pagerwesi” means “iron fence” (Pager = Fence, Wesi = Iron), the philosophy is the day to strengthen the fortifications against evil. Just like the other ceremony in Bali, the special offerings will be made and pray in the family temple (Merajan) or Balinese Hindus also pray to some temples nearby.

#Pagerwesi in Bali, #BaliTowel loves this day !

Hoist the penjors and dance to the gamelan! Its Pagerwesi! Held each November, Pagerwesi is a Balinese Hindu occasion day devoted to ancestors, the main celebration of a new Balinese lunar calendar year. With a name that literally means “iron fence”, it symbolises fortification against evil and is especially heralded in North Bali where Penjors (tall, extravagantly decorated bamboo poles) are raised outside homes, alongside offerings to the dead of flowers and fruit.

Balinese women on Pagerwesi day, one of the many celebrated Balinese ceremonies throughout the year. Keeping the Bali heritage, a cool snap from the @kutaheritage team. - Visit our new website (click the link on our bio) and like our Facebook page for the latest local tips & what's on around Bali. - Use hashtag #mydestinationbali to get featured!