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from Airows

The Car That Inspired The Legendary 'Star Wars' Landspeeder

Bamboo car frames added to bicycles allow people on bikes to safely travel on roads with cars. Bicycle Cars made by Latvian cyclists for Let’s Bike It! event during the European Sustainable Mobility Week. Now cars in traffic will keep proper distance from cyclists.

[Conditions and Strategies]- Biking around in a city can be very stressful and dangerous if there are not proper bike lanes and safe intersections. By separating and distinguishing the bike lane from car traffic, making it safer to ride, more people will be encouraged to bike, cutting down on car traffic. This project delves deeper into the subject giving details on how to create such bike lanes.

lowbrowcustoms: Nice Triumph by @howslowthingsturn found on our friends @bobbers_n_choppers page. Give them a follow! #lowbrowlife #lowbrowcustoms #bobbersnchoppers #BNC Triumph