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the russian illustrator Andrei Karachtchouk showing japanese army officers and soldiers using summer uniforms during the final months of the russo japanese war in 1905, most of this soldiers served in the old shogunate armies of the boshin war and were veterans of the first sino japanese war

WWI French Uniforms were similar to the use and function of American Uniforms. While the French uniforms were longer than the Americans.

Austro-Hungarian Army, Carpathian Mountains, Autumn/Winter 1914/15 Austrian Landsturmmann This figure represents a soldier of the Austrian k.k. Landsturm, issued with the pre-1908 blue uniform due to shortages of pike-grey field dress at the beginning of the war. The paroli (facing colour patches) have been removed from the dark blue-grey overcoat. He is armed with the M88/90 Mannlicher rifle (the first to take smokeless powder cartridges), and has the old pre-1908 black leather issue field…

The Atlanticfrom The Atlantic

World War II: Women at War

The women are with the first contingent of Black American WACs to go overseas for the war effo

World War II Uniforms -France - 1940 May, Sedan, Major, 46 Inf. Regiment France - 1940 May, Toulon, Lieutenant, Mediterranean Fleet France - 1940 Sep., England, Private, Free French Army France - 1941 July, Syria, Private, Vichy French Moroccan Spahis

Uniforms of British Army.RIFLEMAN: Elite Soldiers of the Wars against Napoleon