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Haha this reminds me of an episode of Psych that I watched where Shawn asks Lassie if he is getting ready for the police man's ball and Lassie says that police man don't have balls, then Shawn says: "I honestly have no response to that."' Lol Supernatural and Psych are seriously my favorite shows of all time:)

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will graham(cracker) on

And I don't blame him one bit.

I don't watch Supernatural, but I know from pinterest that Cas is supposed to be a fallen angel? // this is hysterical whether I watch the show or not

I will take them both on a date I don't even care! lol Dean is indeed a classy lady.

Just one of the many things that go over Castiel's head<<<< SAMS FACE WHEN DEAN ASKS WHERE CAS IS GOING TO SLEEP

The BEST episode ever made in all of the seasons! Only on this show can you do what they did in this episode, and make it hilarious at the same time.


Nora on

Cas hahahaha

7x20 The Girl with the Dungeons and Dragons Tattoo - She's kinda like the little sister I never wanted. - Charlie Bradbury, Sam and Dean Winchester, Supernatural