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Dan Blocker buried at Woodman Cemetery, Dekalb, Texas

Dan Blocker on West Texas Walk of Fame....Really loved him on Bonanza♥

Dan Blocker as Hoss Cartwright. My Number one Favorite of the Bonanza Series. Then Lorne Green as ("Pa") Ben Cartwright.

Dan Blocker (Hoss Cartwright) & kids 1960s. Traces of Texas on FB. Born in De Kalb in Bowie County northeastern Texas.

▶ Who was Dan Blocker? Lets find out! - YouTube

Dan Blocker from Bonanza. He held me when I was an infant. My parents ran into him on the street. He thought I was a beautiful baby...hahaha

Dan Blocker~~ He was always one of my favorite characters!

"No, not 'Horse.' Just plain Hoss. H-O-S-S." (Bonanza)

Private Elvis Aaron Presley.Madison Miller....because you asked what people saw in Elvis, and why 75,000 people have traveled to Memphis for the week of his death.

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