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Common Sense: How are we using the information we have been given?

Lost in translation - So how many people sat on the crocodile before they felt the need to put up the sign?

Zijn jullie ook wel eens een bord tegengekomen dat je twee keer moest lezen? Blijkbaar zijn er heel wat opmerkelijke en grappige borden wereldwijd.

Caution: this sign has SHARP EDGES Also the bridge is out again. Which is more important: the signs sharp edges or the BRIDGE IS OUT.

I think someone photoshopped this because the black arrow is darker than the letters (and the shape of the arrow seems off). But...I still repinned it because it's a mistake that could easily be made.

Silly road signs around the world: Keep right - or left? Does this sign want us to keep left or right?


Truer Words Have Never Been Spoken

dirty.ru — Популярное — Всё вместе

Russian sign: "This bomb shelter is full. Hide in the features of the landscape"


Twenty-First Century America - Prose Before Hos

Funny Wall Signs

Funny Signs, Cards, Magnets in Chinglish & Engrish by SignFail

sɐɔ!oɹәɥ!ʇuɐ soʇoɟ: richard

Richard Gere Decent Actor Videos, Articles, Pictures on Funny Or Die

Please drive slowly

A funny sign asking to drive slowly because there's stupid dogs in the area. Dailyhaha is your daily dose of laughs!

There's a cat in the kettle at the Peking Moon, the place that I eat every day at noon.