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ONE DIRECTING KNOWS IM ALIVE!!!!!!!!!and miss me...

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When someone appears in your dream, that person misses you.hmmmm wonder if its true, cuz I've been dreaming about this person a lot

That last one though... They are really looking out for you.

30 Facts… wonder if they're all true not exactly life hacks but u know

And you just thought it was so other people could see your ring while you are driving lol

The wedding ring goes on the left ring finger because thats the only finger that has a vein that connects to heart fact quote

I question the dreaming one.

Body Facts

Funny pictures about Facts about you. Oh, and cool pics about Facts about you. Also, Facts about you.

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fact about boys vs. fact about girls Yeah people are like why do u like so many people girl. They are just crushes I only have one guy in my heart ❤️

Birth marks show where you got killed in your last life according to old myths

Birth marks show where you got killed in your last life according to old myths

Psychology stuffs

On average it takes 66 days to form a habit? I have to wake up early 66 times in a row before I stop hating it?

That's just awesome! But I have to ask....whoever's been dreaming about me for the last couple of months, PLEASE STOP!!! ~Josh

I hate this is labeled "fact" because I don't see how this can even be tested. Surely not accurately. Am I missing something?

I know that feeling... scary n weird.. just dont let it get to you! ☝

Sweet and Spicy Bacon Wrapped Chicken Tenders

Haha!!! Oh My Gosh, That Is SO Funny!!! ... Hmm... More People Are Scared Of Me Than I Thought :P

well that explains why I laugh really really loud when I'm tickled.// I kick when i'm being tickled.


WTF fun fact - A person hates you for 1 of 3 reasons: They want to be you They hate themselves They see you as a threat

Especially with a brain injury!♡

Especially with a brain injury!♡

That's cool but I think it's to a certain limit I think that it's more of you know them and what there like because you probably hung around whith them a lot so you kind of get the sense of what there thinking.

thepsychmind: Fun Psychology facts here! It was a psychological link between twins that the scientists would never understand and would never be able to harness.