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telling a story of an individual visually through nouns instead of adjectives

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embroidery portrait

Red Thread Studiofrom Red Thread Studio

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DIY Embroidery kit // Bicycle design // mint bike with pastel flowers on grey linen // vintage-inspired // modern hand stitching by iHeartStitchArt on Etsy

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cute bicycle

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beautiful button and embroidery art

Stitcheroo My Darlingfrom Stitcheroo My Darling


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embroidered leaf

embroidered leaf

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embroidered leaf

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embroider this

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Etsyfrom Etsy

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pillows with bicycle embroidery

Flamingo Toesfrom Flamingo Toes

26 Fun and Free Embroidery Patterns -

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Dude. 26 Free embroidery patterns! #embroidery and looks like a wee bit of #applique, too.

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Embroidery & bunting belong together.