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Five Dollar Preps - The goal of this thread is to demonstrate that prepping can be done on the cheap for about $ 5.00 per week. I do not think that I know anyone who could not spare five bucks per week to invest in the ability to feed yourself and your family in the event of being affected by some form of disaster.

The medicine chest or first-aid kit should be kept well stocked and should be restocked every 6 months. This site lists the basic supplies that are useful to have on hand.

120 Powerful Pieces of Advice for Preppers. Lots of articles & lists. Basics, Retreat Location, Medicine, Water, and things no one wants to talk about...

34 Different Ways to Use Duct Tape for Survival & Emergencies

Emergency Preparedness Checklist | Survival Spot

Oh my heavens! If you want to get your food storage going, check out this site! She has it all broken down by weeks! Way cool!

Survival Lifefrom Survival Life

12 Ways to Prepare for Economic Collapse

12 Ways to Prepare for Economic Collapse | Survival skills and preparedness tips at #survivalskills #survivallifehacks

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Urban Survival Sitefrom Urban Survival Site

50 Survival Items You Forgot To Buy


66 Shelters You Can Make From A Tarp - SHTF, Emergency Preparedness, Survival Prepping, Homesteading

Survival Lifefrom Survival Life

Customizing Your Ultimate Bug Out Bag

Customizing Your Ultimate Bug Out Bag | Survival Prepping Ideas, Survival Gear, Skills & Emergency Preparedness Tips - Survival Life Blog: #survivallife

Survival Lifefrom Survival Life

Booby Traps

Booby Traps for DIY Home Security | Emergency Preparedness and DIY Home Defense Ideas and Projects | Survival Life Prepping and Gear

Lifehackerfrom Lifehacker

How to Create an In-Case-of-Emergency Everything Document to Keep Your Loved Ones Informed if Worst Comes to Worst

Here's a step-by-step guide to organizing your vital information so it can be conveniently and safely accessed when needed.

How to make an arrow bow out of a slingshot in 5 minutes or less - #DIY #shtf #survival

Off Grid Survival - Wilderness & Urban Survival Skillsfrom Off Grid Survival - Wilderness & Urban Survival Skills

10 Disturbing SHTF Threats that most Preppers Haven't Prepared For

10 Disturbing SHTF Threats that most Preppers Haven’t Prepared For