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A bright eyed kitten with droopy ears!

Seven adorable kittens, each about the size of a can of tuna, nestled close to their mother, sleeping sweetly. And that was when she started putting the kittens all over me


Too adorable.kitty is like get that camera out of my face.

dog saves all his puppies from a fire, places thems safetly in a firetruck. Awww my heart just melted

Favorite Web Links / Heros come in all shapes and sizes Mother dog saves pups from fire. on imgfave


I wish my dog loved bath time like this! Instead she burns about 300 calories trying to escape from the tub ~:\p

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cute kittens nap together

cute animals A group of five sleeping kittens cuddling together with miniature pillows.

Just find your own patch of sun shine and bask in all its warmth

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