3 Vintage Fisher Price Security Blankets

Poppers are the best. favorite thing to put on the end of your finger and shoot someone with it. love

1976 SPIROGRAPH - had it - want it! I remember the smell of the ink and the plastic. (not really a game but still fun!) Got one of these for Xmas back in the day.

"55 things only 90's teenage girls will understand."

Loved this!

Fisher Price Horse

Loved this.

Fisher Price Farm Animals I just found my 31 year old son's barn and all the animals, fences and tractor w/ people are all there. I am sending it to him because his 3 year old daughter will love it!

Awe, I had one of these . . .

Pound Puppy #80's

Vintage Toy Car 1960s Fisher Price Mini Bus

Vintage Fisher Price airplane

Vintage Fisher Price Hospital. amy had this one. My fav part was the little gurney that had a velcro strap that would hold the person down.

60s Fisher Price Telephone Chat Vintage Toy Chatter by kerrilendo. $14.00 USD, via Etsy.

Fisher Price Milk Jugs- I had these! And my dad built me a truck that these fit into the back of! ;)

retro toys | Vintage Tupperware Shape O Sorter Ball Toy by RetroClassics

vintage fisher price

Remember Grover? Vintage children's Little Golden Book The Monster

Spokey Dokeys!

1972 Vintage Fisher Price Play Desk Toy Advertisement 1970s | Most of the pieces were missing, but this was awesome.

flower basket, cute way to use an old doily with your heirloom jewels