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Fisher Price Bear Puzzle

Fisher Price Musical Ferris Wheel

Fisher Price Airplane 1960s Collectible ~ Susan says ~ I had this (and loved it!), it was passed down to my brother roughly twenty years later ... and now I would LOVE to find it for Seraphina!

Vintage Fisher Price Dog: Who would have known that this cute fellow would become a collector's favorite? $4

  • Amanda Newton

    we had one of those in our toy box when i was a kid! :D

  • Northern Flicker

    My parents saved mine too, and it became my son's favorite! Had to take it everywhere, and then we left it at a restaurant! I had to order a new one on Ebay that night! :-)

  • Jane Wang

    @Susan Englander: What a good mommy : )

  • Micki Sharar

    I remember playing with these toys growing up. My parents saved these toys for our children.

  • Kerri Bayne

    My little brother chewed his ears off :(

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Teaching Clock... Still have mine... Now available at Toys R' Us again (2014 Christmas)

I have the original Little People and several houses, barns, playgrounds for my grand daughters

  • Cheryl Poole-Musgrove

    Love this board :) fond memories

  • Daveena Hanson

    I wish I would have saved my little people from my childhood

  • Cheryl Poole-Musgrove

    Me too, they were the wooden ones, I bet you had the same? They were my life, I played with the house and school so much. I always wanted the airport but back in the day you were lucky to get a school LOL.

  • Susanne Bayes Carlisle

    You can get them rather cheap on eBay. I collect them. One time I was having a hard week and went to the mailbox to find a set my man had mailed me. You can also find lots of houses and barns at the Goodwill, enough to get your pick of the best ones for a few bucks. Then purchase lots of interior pieces on eBay. They makes me happies.

Fisher Price Horse. Oh! I loved these and shared them with my daughter and she loved them too. Hours of together fun,

Vintage Fisher Price airplane!

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Little people fisher price toy - When I win the lottery (yeah, right!), I will have a room where I can display all the Fisher Price Little People I shall collect.

  • Cathey Shaw

    Oops what I meant to say I will have more grand kids coming . Have 4 now - only 2 of my 4 daughters have had children so far , I have the airplane too . I was looking at happy apple the other day , he lost his stem !:(

  • linda

    :-)) mine too ! have fun with all your kids good evening ♥

  • Lisa Paterson

    I still have mine ,my kids have played with it now its back in the loft preserved for the future :)

  • Kristi Tsakir

    I just found one at a thrift shop & bought it! Great memories!

  • Divya Morris

    I loved that the beds were foam

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flower rattle- i do remember this..not sure if it would have been for my kids...or me...hasb