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Web timeline. This is a creative timeline website. I haven't seen a website like this before. I like how the pages are color coded and numbered. The website has a balanced amount of text and images. The black background makes everything else pop. I want to do a similar timeline website, but using the history and different model years of Mustangs.

Timeline: The top 5 medical discoveries in history, with detailed info on each discovery via this infographic from Carrington College.

Restaurant Paris //  simple resturant website design

Restaurant Paris // simple resturant website design: let the pictures speak for themselves***I love the simplicity of this site. the pictures were clearly chosen and thoughtfully placed on the site.

FreshPreserving on Behance

Ball website - love the "hand-drawn" look of the typography. Fits in very cohesively with the brand.

Spanish graphic designer and art director Oriol Gil created the brand and package design for Cornelia and Co, a restaurant, bakery, winery, and coffe shop located in Barcelona.

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Whoa Nelly Catering - Seasonal SoCal Catering

Whoa Nelly Catering - Seasonal SoCal Catering Amazing simple design allowing the images to speak.