Silly Great Dane. SBLY.....LOVE THIS ONE BEST!!!!! #dog #puppy #dog lovers #GreatDane

Definitely my moose

Great Dane

Great Danes eating from elevated bowls... if i ever have great danes have to make sure to build this in

Great Danes

There's nothing better than seeing adorable animals taking baths.


Great Dane

This Cane Corso Mastiff looks similar to one of my cuddle buddies at home! His name is Boston because I love the Redsox! He is 7 months old and already weighs over 50lbs.

Great Dane/Cane Corso/Neopolitan Mastiff mix. adorbz

What do you mean I am not a "people"? You tell everyone that I'm your baby!

Great Dane

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Lesley's beautiful Lanina. This is the one type of hair variety we never had as Cavalier lovers. If another Cavalier were to decide to live happily ever after with us one day...oh, I'd wish for a ruby or another black-n-tan!!!

great dane!

Great danes = excellent blankets

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So Cute! My Chi used to have a Great Dane friend, and it would terrify me when she would run up to him without a second thought about it.

AWWWWW great dane puppy!!!

Love it! #Great #Dane

Blue Great Dane puppy.

...Great Dane :)