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Naja naja; Spectacled Cobra / Indian Cobra

The Chinese cobra (Naja atra), also called Taiwan cobra, is a highly venomous member of the true cobras (genus Naja). Its venom consists mainly of postsynaptic neurotoxins and cardiotoxins. The Chinese cobra is a very alert, seldom cornered, but if confronted will raise its forebody and spread its hood and strike readily if necessary. Adults can be very aggressive, but the younger tend to be more aggressive as they are more nervous to the things surrounding them.

snake-lovers: Indian Cobra (Naja naja)

Monocled Cobra (Naja kaouthia) by reptile street photographer, via Flickr

The king cobra (Ophiophagus hannah) is the world's longest venomous snake, with a length up to 5.6 m (18.5 ft). by Bo Jonsson

Albino Monocled Cobra, Southeast Asia. The Monocled Cobra's have a round marking on their hoods, that can resemble an eye. They have a neurotoxic venom, and can be very fast and very deadly.

Don't care if their absence would upset the balance of nature: they need to disappear permanently.