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  • David Skinner

    skimboarding, skim, skimming, skimboard, beach, beaches, islands, island, water, tropical, tropics, warm, warm ocean, ocean, seashore, seas, sea, salt life, salty sea, salt water, white sand, surf culture, barrel, wave, waves, shore break, #skimboarding

  • Andrew Thuss

    Beach break

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The goodness of the aqua ocean... Mother Nature's peace filled lull of the waves...

"Red Longboard" by Jessica Nichols, Sweet Eventide Photography one of my favorites ***

My brother and I went surfing one summer at Myrtle Beach. It was so much fun! Surfing | Surf - #Surfing

surfing. One day i will do it every morning and every mid day and i have a surf board on every wall of every room in my home

If you have a moment of silence, you may see something of value there—it is a better way to be than to be full of negative states. --Belsebuub, Guest Waking Times

DSC_4026 | Flickr – Compartilhamento de fotos!

surfing The world of fashion Christmas gifts click this link for more full custom crocheted hair wigs

I love those low tide surf days. Really makes me feel relaxed and laid back.

Thank you for coming to me in my dream Dad. I needed you, and you are still there... Exactly nine years to the day you went to heaven, you still come to me and heal my heart. I love you too. Im glad youre happy. Your hug was beautiful. Its going to help me get through today. Thank you. :)

cristobal de col by Quiksilver Skate, via Flickr

Learn to surf in Hawaii some place? I haven't been to Maui yet...I think my dad's got dibbs on Maui, he might be pissed if we go with out him.. lol