you only wear your wedding dress once so you might as well do something awesome in it

ring shot

Haha! Cute picture idea

Cute way to include your dog in a wedding photo!

Gorgeous Lace Wedding Dress

Love this:)

Lace wedding dress - sleeves

every anniversary, take a picture of yourself holding the picture from the year before.

Wedding vows

I'm pretty sure I just had a mini heart attack! So gorgeous

I like the wedding dress

Wedding Wish Lanterns.

wear your NEW initials in a necklace to the reception

Stealing a kiss before the wedding, but keeping it traditional... this is such a cute picture

Great idea, love it!

The Shoe Game. This sounds fun!

Blindfolding him to pray together before the wedding. So sweet!

pictures to take before the ceremony without breaking tradition -- this is cute!

Retake one engagement picture in your wedding attire. Can't explain how adorable this is!

Love this dress!

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