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Wir sind Frauen!

Männern sind wie Hunde

Hier kommen einige der wirklich wichtigen Fragen des Lebens - manche mehr, manche weniger witzig. Sehr originell z. B. Nr. 18: "Wenn Katholiken auf eine Demonstration gehen, sind sie dann Protestanten?".

"You can't save people, you can only love them." - Anais Nin / Anaïs Nin --- It's by God's grace that someone is saved, but you can help them by loving them and believing that you will see them recovered or saved in near future. Use power of your mind.

I love this because it can mean so many things. Tell the Truth and Run.


Because sometimes it just needs to be said. - cool ... witzig ... knuddelig ... praktisch ... oder einfach nur inspirierend ...

Your inner beauty never needs makeup

Never Ever EVER Give Up!

'Wir leben auf einem blauen Planeten, der sich um einen Feuerball dreht, mit 'nem Mond, der die Erde bewegt und Du glaubst nicht an Wunder?' - lyrics from 'Welt der Wunder' by Marteria #lyricart

when its raining

Truth <3

oh yes.. some people really just need a high-five. ;)

permanent marker

There's A Little Difference

sO LIKE the ppl in the third row look exactly like this one "friend" I have and she thinks that if you have fun you're gonna get in trouble or whatever and she constantly acts all proper and tells me how I should act but like naw bro idc what chu say I'm staying in the front row k that's all


Smell the roses.

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How girls feel without mascara… I've seen you at your worst and still loved you no matter what you think...