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Ultra Birchwood Manicure Sticks

All Season Ultra Birchwood Manicure Sticks are the perfect tool for delivering the perfect manicure.

How To Remove Nail Polish Stains: 1) Let stain dry. 2) Peel off excess. 3) Soak a microfiber cloth in acetone*. 4) If safe, dab the stain with acetone - do not rub! 5) Wash at the highest temperature allowed by the care label with Tide PODS. *Check for possible discoloration on the back of the garment.

Migi Nail Polish Art Sets 12 Colors (6 Pens) - Original and Party Colors by CloseoutZone,

Thai massage bed is designed for thai style of massage that involves deep stretching of body muscles. The molded PU mattress supplied are stiff and exactly suited for thai massage.

Salon Combination UV Sterilizer & Towel Warmer Cabinet by Online Salon Store,

Gold Dipped Bar Stools

Dipped bar stools. Would love to do this black and red... If ONLY that wasn't Bombers colours :( maybe red with white feet?

Croc 1 Infrared Flat Iron (1 1/2")