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I try to tell myself I don't love him or any of the boys in 5sos and 1D but it never really works, I just end up loving them more

I AM SORRY I JUST FOUND YOU MY LOVE. :) I love you calum, and Ashton my friend has dibs. But in still in the running for Calum, I'm 16 lovelies!

Whenever I am sad or think about cutting because I don't fit in, I just listen to music and to the sweet melodic voices of 5SOS to remind myself that they love everyone <3 Stay Strong because the 5SOS Fam loves you too...

Yes it's ashton, I love him so much words can't describe, it's better than words basically, he is my sunshine and he has helped me though so much he practically saved me and I will always be thankful for that, he is the light when it's dark and my angel, as cheesy as it sounds it's true, I'm in love with his voice, personality, smile, eyes, everything. I love you ashton fletcher Irwin and I hope I will be able to say it to you in person ❤️

They did truly save my life. I thought about suicide for the longest time and then I would hear little things or moments or any of those songs and I would remember that there are people who love me even if they don't know me. I am so glad to have these five boys to remind me that i do matter. I am here to sy to everyone that you do matter, you are beautiful and are here for a reason. I love you. Stay Strong

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