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Eileen Egan- Welsh- moved to NYC- Lay woman, journalist, scholar, social activist, peacemaker, author, co-founded Pax Christi USA; worked throughout the world for Catholic Relief Services - close friend to Dorothy Day and Mother Teresa of Calcutta

A region of Cameroon that traditionally believed women to have no value now sees them as equal to men, thanks to a lay Catholic apostolate in the area.

An English nun who helped to hide Italian Jews from the Nazis in wartime Rome is being considered as a possible saint. Mother Ricarda Beauchamp Hambrough is credited with playing a vital role in saving the lives of more than 60 Jews by smuggling them into her convent. The Bridgettines.

Maisie Ward, English lay woman, married to Frank Sheed; mother; lived and worked for many years in the U.S.; co-founder of Sheed & Ward publishers of important Catholic thinkers; author, educator, speaker, street corner apologist with the Catholic Evidence Guild

Blessed Mary of the Divine Heart, German,Countess Droste zu Vischering, family gave outstanding service to church; a Good Shepherd Nun, she served as superior of convent in Porto, Portugal; Given mission by Jesus to have world consecrated to Sacred Heart; contacted Pope Leo XIII- he announced consecration just days before her death.

Simone Weil- Although she was drawn to the Catholic religion, she chose to remain an outsider in solidarity with all those who did not or could not belong.

Adrienne von Speyr was a laywoman, wife, medical doctor, spiritual writer, and Catholic mystic. Originally a Reformed Protestant, she converted to Catholicism on the Feast of All Saints, November 1, 1940, when she was 38, under the spiritual direction of the famous Jesuit theologian, Hans Urs von Balthasar

St Bridgit of Sweden -Married and had eight children. Devoted wife and mother. After her husband died she lived ascetic life in the world as member of the Third Order of St. Francis. Founded a religious order- Wrote many books about her mystical experiences- Feast Day July 23

St Elizabeth of Hungary,T.O.S.F.,was was a 13th Century princess of the Kingdom of Hungary, Countess of Thuringia, Germany and a greatly venerated Catholic saint.She was married at the age of 14, and widowed at 20. She then became one of the first members of the newly founded Third Order of St. Francis, relinquished her wealth to the poor, and built hospitals, where she herself served the sick. She became a symbol of Christian charity in Germany and elsewhere.