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Pixie haircut is the very short hairstyle.It is is very easy to manage. For framing the face nicely, pixie haircuts with short spiky and layered hairstyle are very well. Short Pixie hairstyles are always.

Love this cut

Sarah Harding Pixie

I think I'm leaning towards something like this.given all my pins about short asym hair!

Trendy-Super-Short-Hair-7.jpg 500×751 pixels

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25 Trendy Super Short Hair…pinning this will totally help with my plan to grow my hair out again…not. Oh well, maybe it will join dozens of other pins that I…

Side Parted Short Pixie Haircuts

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butter blonde pixi   I see this and immediately want to cut my hair and then after a few weeks and I remember the cuts every 4-6 weeks and then I want long hair again and darker... Miss being able to throw it up into a pony... lol  What would we do without our hair!!!

Short hair w/fringe (bangs). Perfect crop haircut and golden blonde color (though slightly brassy.

When it comes to prom hairstyles, everyone usually thinks the same thing: updos, updos, updos. But, uh, how are you supposed to do a fancy updo when you have short hair? It’s almost impossible. And it’s REALLY impossible to do an updo when you have a pixie cut, unless you plan on spending money on … Read More

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