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Pollution damages skin and makes it age faster. low level ozone, smoke, smog, and other ambient air pollutants can generate the formation of wrinkle-inducing free radicals, cause inflammation, impair the skin’s protective barrier, alter its microflora, and deplete it of antioxidants, particularly vitamins C and E. But, we’re not totally defenceless against it. Here's what you can to do to fight it, and keep your skin looking younger for longer even if you live in a big, polluted city

How Pollution Damages Skin (And 2 Ways To Fight It)

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#Pollution causes many nasty side effects for your #skin – learn how to fight them with anti-pollution #skincare.

Pollution causes many nasty side effects for your skin – learn how to fight them with anti-pollution skin care.

Transforming Alleys and Laneways | Sustainable Cities Collective

Creative Team: City of Austin, Art Alliance Austin, Creative Action- Ann Graham, Landscape design: TBG- Chris Jackson and Nicole Warrens;

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Patton Village Mayor Leah Tarrant hugs a Red Cross volunteer while Police Chief Shannon Sharp lowers.

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Fireworks are lots of fun but it’s important to remember they are explosives that can be extremely dangerous if not treated properly.

Ohhh I really like this idea! I would build a green house type of building; like such; and than decorate the inside w/fabric, lights etc. for a fun hang out eating/chill area during the non snow months! ...:)

Into the Field: A Dinner in an Oslo Greenhouse

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Smoke isn't so great for your health, but it can be beautiful to watch—or just capture in a photo that you can stick on your desktop. Here are some beautiful examples.

Watch Your Desktop Go Up in a Puff of Smoke with These Wallpapers

Pollution causes damage to your skin. It's more than just cleansing your face after a long day. You have to treat your skin for an effective anti-pollution skincare regimen. Read on how to prevent it on our blog. #glowrecipe #antipollution #kbeauty #korean #organic #skincare #bblogger #beauty #naturalskincare

Did You Know Pollution Can Actually Damage the Skin?

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Soleil Toujours Organic Sheer Sunscreen Mist SPF 50 ocean safe recommended by renee

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