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33 Modern Society Pop Art Pieces Showing We're Addicted To Consumption

The world around us is advancing so quickly. But you know a lot of what we've created with much research and funding is pretty much pointless. Bringing up

Someone Donated $5,000 To This Shelter And Every Animal They Had Got Adopted

Last Thursday, Forsyth Humane Society, in my home state of North Carolina, received a massive donation. This donation of a whopping $5,000 would change the

Nora And Archie Are Best Friends Fur-ever Captured By Their Mother In Adorable Napping Sessions

Little Archie Spence, who is a few months old, and English Pointer called Nora, are the main characters of this heart- warming photo story. They become such

FUGGIT Crochet Sneakers Try To End Sneaker Violence While Looking Awesome

Richard Riley, based in the Washington D.C. area, created Fuggit crochet sneakers, a project which took one step further in this game and started creating u

Emily Tan Creates Colorful Animal Paintings That Will Completely Stun You

Emily Tan‘s vibrant creature portraits perfectly encapsulate the beauty of the animal kingdom. The colorful animal paintings or sketch-like drawings pop on

Fashion Photographer Richard Phibbs Tries To Find Homes For Shelter Dogs With Stunning Photos

Richard Phibbs is a fashion photographer and director living in NY. He volunteers at the Humane Society there, taking incredible portraits of the animals t

Jose Manuel Castro Lopez Rock Sculptures Are Softer Than You Think

Spanish sculptor Jose Manuel Castro Lopez will make you go hmm? with his work. Stones and rocks in his world are very different than in ours. He manipulates

43 Cats In Glasses That Totally Define What Hipster Is

The internet would not be fun without cats in glasses, it's a fact, deal with it. From cats posing as pinup girls to cats riding on skateboards, cats pretty

you can have anything in life if you work hard enough for it.

23 Disney Memes That Are So Funny They Change Everything

These Disney memes are just perfect because they encompass all the traits of a great meme. Disney characters are almost universally recognizable. This means