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    Bogart and Bacall

    So, you know that movie The Fault In Our Stars ? | The One Detail You Missed In "The Fault In Our Stars" While You Were Crying Your Eyes Out

    The Fault in Our Stars!!!!!!! It's that enough exclamation points?? I think not!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Jonnystein: "Stake through the heart?" Dracula: "ya, who wouldn't that kill?"

    Disney frozen- Wow... Every tiny detail, the streaks of sky-blue in her eyes, the spots of shines, the tiny hairs forming her eyebrows- I love how they made her cloak too... The tiny white wooly stitches, and fluff around the collar... Inspiring...

    ✝☮✿★ DISNEY ✝☯★☮ Frozen Elsa perfect wedding dress

    Disney made an awkward "prince" and princess. A queen who wasn't evil. And a first love was broken and not real.

    25 John Green Quotes You Must Reqd Before You Fall In Love.

    Fox and the hound

    Respecting The Stand: A Critical Analysis of Stephen King’s Apocalpytic Novel « – The Library of Library User Group

    Pet Sematary - 1989

    IT - 1989 - A clown rips through a white background, with its monster claws, and a crazed smile. At the bottom, there are small photographs of the films main characters (Richie, Eddie, Stan, Beverly, Mike, Ben & Bill).

    Secret Window - 2004

    Shawshank Redemption - 1994

    Running Man - 1987

    Cat's Eye - 1985

    Stand by Me - 1986

    Stephen King Book Covers - Bing Images

    Stephen King & Pennywise

    Ok so stephen king never liked jack nicholson as jack torrance but i loved him!


    Steel Magnolias - not a TV show, but still a favorite :)

    Ouiser Boudreaux is awesome. I'm gonna be like her when I'm older haha

    "Steel Magnolias" A potpourri of strong southern women... Laughs, Tears, a celebration of Love.

    I can recite this movie word for word. What a FANTASTIC southern chick flick.... And most of it is true to life! =)