Possibly my favorite Ten moment... EVER. David Tennant is a GENIUS.

Hahaha! Love this. So much. (I just want to know how Billie survived this scene with a straight face. I would have fallen to the ground from laughing so hard at him! :-D )


Best. Episode. Ever.

"It's Tuesday and I am single. This calls for an excess of Tennant." <-repinning purely for this caption.

This just broke my heart all over again...

I need to go back & watch some 9th Doctor episodes. One does not simply only watch the 9th Doctor once.

That awkward moment when...

oh David Tennet, you are my favorite Doctor.

I laughed so hard at this scene.

Anyone else start singing this to the "Confessions" tune? *ahem* This is my obsession. Just when I thought I watched all I could watch, I found more on YouTube today. This is my obsession. Rose and Ten are blue, now I am, too. What will Moffat do? Keep feeding my obsession...


Oh look my heart just cracked.

The Doctor

Phrases to strike terror into your heart

a headache with pictures - an idea - the doctor and rose tyler -

I loved that part :3

"... there's me." It's moments like these where you realize how Rose completely saved the Doctor. He was in self-destruct mode until this pink and yellow human healed his hearts and taught him to love again

<3 Still breaks my heart.

I laughed way too hard at this.

David, Billie, and Noel on set for David's first episode. This is seriously the most adorable thing ever. He just fit right in. :)