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"It's better to burn out than to fade away" - Neil Young (Hey Hey, My My) #quotes

The Serpent was probably invented in 1590 by Edme Guillaume, a canon at Auxerre. It was used in sacred music to reinforce low men's voices. When well played, it blends with voices and gives a depth to the choral sound. During the next two hundred years after its invention, it was used as a military band instrument and later evolved into the ophecleide and tuba.

C3PO electric handmade star wars guitar, collectors case, Custom Gold

C3PO Electric Handmade Star Wars Guitar, collectors case and Berringer neck. Custom Gold by RainyDayInstruments

Peavey Builds An Auto-Tuning Guitar

Peavey Builds An Auto-Tuning Guitar (what if you want to use Drop D?)this is a guitar i can afford.

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