Lovely, organized walk in closet!  Small, but functional!  Love the hanging and shelf combo!

We got our closet organization down to a ‘T’! From jackets to alphabetized book titles, organization is a cinch in this gorgeously designed closet & library space.

Streets of Georgetown store by Jeffrey Hutchison, Washington, D. store design ♥Love this idea for a walk in closet

Closet Organization Ideas: Where James Bond Hangs His Tuxedo

Get Organized--Finally! 8 Perfect Closet Organization Ideas

California Closets Walk In Closet, Virtuoso System in Roman Walnut Master Bedroom Closets)

A very opulent and rich looking gentleman's dressing room... ᘡղbᘠ

Concepts in wardrobe design. Storage ideas, hardware for wardrobes, sliding wardrobe doors, modern wardrobes, traditional armoires and walk-in wardrobes. Closet design and dressing room ideas.

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the laundry room wouldn't be my favorite place in the house if i had a walk in closet. that is in the works right now but for a month or so i have to go without a closet and i'm already hurting! Here are some walk in closets you won't walk out of:

to the man who can tie a Trinity knot perfectly: marry me, please.

How to tie a necktie…

to the man who can tie a Trinity knot perfectly: marry me, please. Tie a tie

Dark yet light — what a fabulously vintage dressing room (bedroom combo) / Taylor Hoff Benjamin Grimes / Bungalow5

benjamin grimes: 'I had the privilege of shooting Taylor Hoff’s home in San Francisco. Such a beautiful and well organized space.

Master Closet Design, Pictures, Remodel, Decor and Ideas - page 8

belt and tie storage hidden in closet cabinets. Do this in four walk-in closet corners for: hanging belts and scarves, cubbyholes for ties gloves, sunglasses

Feel free to shower while I get dress.

Glass floor of closet loft, looking down into master bath below - love the closet idea and the glass floor idea. but having the glass floor between a closet and bathroom?

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Trinity Knot

Trinity Tie Knot - How to Tie a Trinity Necktie Knot (& few other ways to tie a tie)