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Vivienne Westwood ruffles by Maiden11976

Vivienne Westwood - On Liberty collection 1994 by Museums Sheffield, via Flickr


back 1991 Vivienne Westwood Marlene Dietrich print denim Jacket

vivienne westwood jacket, what do I need to sell to have this? Impeccable, but Liberties always is. I worked for them on Bond St. in London while I was working on a Fashion design degree. I loved every moment. It was very inspiring. I still have the red suit from Liberty's I sported to my brother Anthony's 1st Wedding oh so many years ago. What ever their buyers commit to is always stunning and well made. Vivienne Westwood has stood the test of time. I must say I love this jacket to pieces.

In the fall of 1995, Westwood came out with the Vive La Cocoette range. All of the dresses in the range were bright, chest-hugging and large-bottomed. The collection it's self was inspired by Victorian French fashion, and it features exaggerated silhouettes, shocking colour clashes and high heels. That being said, some of the dresses in this collection were very simple, yet terribly overstated. It featured a knitted dress, dyed a horrific lavender colour.

Vivienne Westwood's capsule collection in homage to the Queen's Diamong Jubilee. Click through for some beautiful dresses with Westwood's delightful tailored punk twist.

One might imagine that, at age 70, fashion designer VIVIENNE WESTWOOD’s days shocking the bourgeoisie might be long over.......particularly as a doyenne of the fashion industry, is to make no attempt to hide the ravages of time upon your face, all the while dressing like you don’t give a tinker’s damn what the world thinks an “old lady” is supposed to look like. Because, of course, you don’t.

Grey Tartan Marghi Dress Anglomania by Vivienne Westwood