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17 Most Beautiful Places to Visit in Arizona

The sunny state of Arizona is a place where you will not get bored quickly as there's so many things to see and visit. Landmarks like the Grand Canyon are known all over the world. Have a look at the 17 most beautiful spots in the state of Arizona!

"Gerard Way smokes beautifully. He makes the slow suicide an art form, when he takes a drag on a cigarette it looks like he is kissing the death." << "/kissing death/" Such a poetic and accurate way to describe Gerard's smoking. Click on the pic to view a collage of his beautiful smoking gifs

Keanu Reeves, a personal fav. He is cool, way cooler than most fake hollywood types, and genuine in a way that most people cannot even comprehend. Defines the art of the kewl.

Guys ! Look what he has in his hands ..... He smokes :( i'm just so worried about him ! I mean i know that smoking is not a big deal but he is a young beautiful boy , he shouldn't do this to himself :'(

Take one - Jungkookie: Fail Take two - Yoongi: Fail Take three - Namjoonie: His face is so shocked, like, "He's doing it. He's making the other half of the heart. What is going on?!" Like, what? XD *psst* This is what NamJin is people. Isn't it beautiful?

Tim Curry on the set of the rocky horror picture show. Best movie ever. There have been Victoria secret models who havent pulled off Lingerie as well as this man.